Trails I have Been On

Here is a listing of most of the trails that I have been on. Some of these trails I have been on more than once. Please understand that my comments on difficulty are subjective opinions and are not to be used as a final judgement.

Hiking trails vary in difficulty, ranging from easy to strenuous. Factors such as trail length, elevation gain, terrain type, and weather conditions contribute to the overall challenge. Easy trails are generally shorter, have minimal elevation changes, and well-maintained surfaces. Moderate trails involve moderate elevation gains, longer distances, and uneven terrain. Difficult trails are longer, steeper, may require scrambling, and can be physically demanding. Harder trails are reserved for experienced hikers, often involving dangerous or technical sections. It’s important to assess one’s fitness level, experience, and trail conditions before attempting a hike to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” 

– Lao Tzu

Rob on the Mountain Adventures
TrailLocationDifficultyActivityTypeDistance in KMElevation in MAllTrails
Crimson Lake Loop: Amerada TrailCrimson Lake Provincial ParkEasyHikeLoop10.1226AllTrails
Shirley Lake, Paul Lake, and Oster Lake TrailElk Island National ParkEasyHikeLoop11.6126AllTrails
Johnston Canyon to Ink PotsBanff National ParkMediumHikeOut and Back11.7608AllTrails
Prairie MountainKananaskis Country Public Land Use ZoneMediumHikeOut and Back6.4666AllTrails
Devil’s Thumb Via Lake Agnes TrailLake Louise, Banff National ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back11.9883AllTrails
Moss Lake TrailElk Island National ParkEasyHikeLoop12.6182AllTrails
Healy Pass TrailBanff National ParkHardHikeOut and Back18.3890AllTrails
Ptarmigan CirquePeter Lougheed Provincial ParkMediumHikeLoop4.2271AllTrails
Lake Agnes Trail to Plain of Six Glaciers Trail Loop and Devil’s ThumbLake Louise, Banff National ParkHardHike/ScrambleLoop13883AllTrails
Lady Macdonald TrailBow Valley Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back9.81303AllTrails
East End of RundleSpray Valley Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back5.6877AllTrails
Vision Quest Ridge ScrambleKiska/Willson Public Land Use ZoneHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back6.3851AllTrails
Grizzly Peak TrailPeter Lougheed Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back5.5871AllTrails
Heart Mountain Horseshoe TrailBow Valley Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleLoop11.7940AllTrails
Blackshale Suspension BridgePeter Lougheed Provincial ParkEasyHikeOut and Back6.1333AllTrails
Yamnuska Ridge and CMC Valley TrailBow Valley Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleLoop8.9922AllTrails
Jura Creek, Door Jamb and Loder Peak TailBow Valley Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleLoop9.3825AllTrails
Mount Baldy TrailElbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial ParkHardHike ScrambleLoop6.4959AllTrails
Windtower Trail via West Wind PassBow Valley Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back10922AllTrails
Canyon Creek Ice Cave TrailElbow River Provincial Recreation AreaMediumHike/ScrambleOut and Back13486AllTrails
Pickle Jar LakesElbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial ParkMediumHikeOut and Back11.6662AllTrails
Wasootch Peak via Kananaskis Peak RouteKananaskis Country Public Land Use ZoneHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back6.1869AllTrails
Windy Point Ridge and BuckleKiska/Willson Public Land Use ZoneHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back8.9875AllTrails
Opal RidgeElbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back7.21035AllTrails
Mount SmutwoodPeter Lougheed Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back20961AllTrails
Wood Bison Trail #11Elk Island National ParkMediumHikeLoop15.9171AllTrails
Ha Ling Trail to Ha Ling PeakBow Valley Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back7.2748AllTrails
Troll FallsMunicipal District of Bighorn No. 8, AlbertaEasyHikeOut and Back3.4151AllTrails
Cameron Lake TrailWaterton Lakes National ParkEasySnowshoeOut and Back622AllTrails
Wall LakeAkamina-Kishinena Provincial ParkHardSnowshoeOut and Back11.4368AllTrails
Chester Lake and Elephant RocksPeter Lougheed Provincial ParkMediumSnowshoeOut and Back8449AllTrails
Watridge LakeSpray Valley Provincial ParkMediumSnowshoeOut and Back8.2194AllTrails
Allstones Lake TrailKootenay Plains Ecological ReserveHardHikeOut and Back10843AllTrails
Little LougheedSpray Valley Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back5.1721AllTrails
Midnight Peak via Baldy PassElbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial ParkHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back10.6984AllTrails
Anklebiter Ridge LoopGrotto Mountain Provincial Recreation AreaHardHike/ScrambleLoop7.1864AllTrails
Islet Lake and Lost LakeCooking Lake/Blackfoot Provincial Recreation AreaMediumHikeLoop17.1223AllTrails
Coliseum Mountain Trail LoopFish Lake Provincial Recreation AreaHardHike/ScrambleLoop9.2705AllTrails
Mount Ernest RossKootenay Plains Ecological ReserveHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back8.21063AllTrails
Nihahi Ridge TrailLittle Elbow Provincial Recreation AreaHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back21.61605AllTrails
Lake of the FallsLandslide Lake Natural AreaHardBackpackingOut and Back40.21345AllTrails
Mount Bryant LoopKananaskis Country Public Land Use ZoneHardBackpacking/ ScrambleLoop22.21958AllTrails
Crypt Lake TrailWaterton Lakes National ParkHardBackpacking/ Hike/ScrambleOut and Back20.4936AllTrails
Carnarvon Lake and Mount StrachanKananaskis Country Public Land Use ZoneHardBackpacking/ Hike/ScrambleOut and Back25.61405AllTrails
Ribbon Lake via Ribbon Creek TrailSpray Valley Provincial ParkHardBackpacking/ ScrambleOut and Back21.2964AllTrails
Northover Ridge Loop TrailPeter Lougheed Provincial ParkHardBackpacking/ ScrambleLoop33.22171AllTrails
Grotto Mountain TrailBow Flats Natural AreaHardHike/ScrambleLoop12.21469AllTrails
Commonwealth Lake TrailPeter Lougheed ParkEasySnowshoeingOut and Back7.6277AllTrails
The Green MonsterElbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial ParkMediumHikingOut and Back11.6704AllTrails
Crowsnest MountainColemanHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back7.41088AllTrails
Turtle MountainCrowsnest PassHardHike/ScrambleOut and Back7.2922AllTrails
Little Arethusa and Arethusa CirquePeter Lougheed Provincial ParkMediumHikeOut and Back/Loop7.06618AllTrails

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